Risk Assessments and Bow Ties?

What Do Bow Ties Have to Do With Risk Assessment?

The latest video in the ASSE Risk Assessment Institute’s Risk Assessment in the Real World series answers that question. The Bow Tie Methodology video explains how OSH professionals can use bow tie diagrams to identify and communicate about a hazard, establish control measures and determine whether those measures reduce risk. The video reviews the key steps of using a bow tie diagram to perform a qualitative and semiquantitative risk analysis, and describes how to apply the hierarchy of controls to reduce risk.

To continue your risk assessment learning, read “The Art of Assessing Risk: Selecting, Modifying & Combining Methods to Assess Operational Risks” Professional Safety. The article, by Bruce Lyon and Georgi Popov, received first-place honors in ASSE’s 2016 Professional Paper Awards. And, if you’re attending Safety 2017 in Denver, CO, Paul Esposito will discuss the methodology in Session 561, “Bow Tie Risk Assessment: Tips and Tricks for Success.”