Dan Christensen

Following a four month internship at an Arizona copper mine, Dan Christensen received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health/Industrial Hygiene from Utah State University. Since that time he has applied his skills and knowledge in surface and underground coal mining, offshore petroleum, onshore gas processing, onshore shale oil/gas production, and most recently as a consultant. Work related travel has taken him through the Gulf of Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Australia, Pakistan, and throughout the United States. He is board certified in Industrial Hygiene, as a Safety Professional, and as a Hazardous Materials Manager. Dan enjoys litigation support and expert witness testimony, being a subject matter expert, public speaking, presenting to all levels of an organization, and is an itinerant fly fisherman. He has lead risk mitigation projects, developed EHS systems, facilitated incident investigations and implemented EHS programs and technology to manage data.

Dan believes strongly that proper risk assessment is key to preventing injury and illness and while working in industry coined the phrase “Do the risk assessment now or the investigation later.”